Black lentil Jalebi

1940005_675975712444941_464293227_n   So here goes the recipe …

soaked lentils

For this you need will 1 1/2 cup black lentils with the skin removed, rinse a few times and soak in cool water for 4 hrs or overnight.  


Drain the water and grind it to a thick paste using  a wet grinder Add a little bit of water at a time 


Add app 6 tsp of cornstarch and 3 tsp of rice flour and mix well 




Divide the batter into 2 batches and add food coloring of your desired choice, set it aside 


Make sugar syrup by adding 2 cup sugar and 1 cup water and 1 tsp of freshly ground cardamom. Turn the stove off when the syrup comes to a boil and becomes slightly thick


You can use a piping bag or in my case I didn’t have it so I used a thick cloth with a hole in the middle


Put a good amount of batter on the cloth and grab it by all sides  


Pipe the batter into hot oil making circular shape and fry for app 1 minute or when the bubbles seem to reduce, Dip these in the sugar syrup for app 1 minute

10151495_675300882512424_185990839_n SERVE HOT OR COLD 

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  1. Aruna Prasad Nair says:

    Thanks Spicysideup for Black Lentil Jalebi recipe. I am alleric to gluten so I cannot eat regular Jalebi. Now I can eat Jalebi.

    Aruna Nair
    Bellflower, CA

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