Lemon Pickles

INGREDIENTS 1-547244_297094820428433_1149682915_n
10 lemons – juiced and cut into small pieces
5 red chilies – crushed
10 cloves of garlic – crushed
1 tsp cumin – roasted and crushed
1 sprig of curry leaves
salt to taste
1/2 cup cooking oil
Chili flakes – optional
Water for boiling lemons
Juice the lemons – make lemonade
Cut the juiced lemons into small pieces and boil them until they are slightly soft, spread them on a tray
Let them sun dry for a day so most of the water dries up.
Crush garlic n chilies with a little bit of salt – keep aside
roast and crush cumin and keep aside.
In a pan heat app 1/2 cup cooking oil
Add curry leaves, crushed garlic n chilies, fry until slightly brown,
Add lemons and sprinkle crushed cumin and mix well
Adjust the salt and add chili flakes if you like it more spicy.
Give it a good toss so everything is well incorporated.
Keep it refrigerated.
Awesome with daal n rice!


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