Chicken Pulao

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10 chicken drumsticks with skin removed
1 cinnamon stick- broken into 3 pieces
1 sprig curry leaves – fresh
10 cloves garlic – crushed
3 tbs ginger – crushed
4 red chilies
6 cardamom pods
7 cloves
1 star anise – broken
1 medium onion – thinly sliced
1 tsp cumin seeds
4 tbs cooking oil
4 tbs punjas pulao masala
2 tbsp salt

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4 cups rice
6 cups hot water
4 tbs Ghee
1 small onion – sliced
1/2 stick cinnamon
1 sprig curry leaves
1 tsp cumin
3 cardamom pods
5 cloves
3 tbs crushed garlic
2 tbs crushed ginger
2 green chilies – chopped
2 tbs salt
1 tsp red chili flakes

In a heavy bottom pan, Heat oil on medium heat,
Add cinnamon sticks,star anise,cardamom pods,cloves,cumin and curry leaves.
(let all the spices sizzle in hot oil for about 2 mins)
Add onion, saute it until it is light golden brown
Add crushed ginger, garlic and chilies, saute it until golden brown – turn the heat to low
Add salt and punjas pulao masala and mix well until well incorporated with the onions,
Add 1/2 cup water and stir the masala until the water dries up and the oil separates
Add the meat and mix until the meat is well coated
cover and cook on low heat until the meat is tender. (add water if needed)




In a separate pan, heat ghee on medium heat
Add cinnamon, cardamom pods, cloves,curry leaves, cumin seeds,chopped green chilies and chili flakes
Add onions and saute until its light golden brown, add salt
Add crushed ginger and garlic and saute until its golden brown
Add hot water and bring it to a boil, Add rice, turn the heat to low and let the rice cook on low for 10 mins
Add the meat and mix well, cover and cook for another 10 mins, give it another good mix, check for salt,
cover the pot with foil paper and then lid on top and let it steam cook for another 10 mins


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